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The Anglophile Laurie Gwen Gwen Shapiro

The Anglophile

Laurie Gwen Gwen Shapiro

Published August 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781459248717
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 About the Book 

Q: What turns thirty-five-year-old graduate student Shari Diamond on?A: Anything British.Forget tall, dark and handsome. For Shari theres only tall, pasty and from Across the Pond (despite her aunts advice to find a nice Jewish boy). Ever since Shari first happened upon Christopher Robin in her childhood reading, shes had a passion for all things Anglo-Saxon. First it was books, then it was blokes, now...well, its still blokes.Unbeknownst to her, Kit, Sharis latest British conquest (and decidedly not a Jew), also happens to be her biggest competition in her search to find the last-known speaker of a language close to extinction. Sharis spent four years trying to find this guy so she can complete her Ph.D. and now Kit has beaten her to the punch? When she learns that there might be more (and less) to Kit than meets the eye, will this Anglophile turn her back on the land of tea and crumpets once and for all?