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Duplicate Harris Dickson Shortle


Harris Dickson Shortle

Published August 11th 2009
Kindle Edition
254 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

No man in Louisiana would have believed the fearless advocate John Laronde might be panicked by a snapshot. But it had taken him quite by surprise. It had come so suddenly. Everything was going along as normal for John Laronde. Now a prominent attorney in Louisiana, he was certain he and Ruth had left the past in the past. But when a series of photographs revealing his past, all mysteriously marked Duplicate, turn up in stacks of mail awaiting him in his office, he suddenly realizes that someone out there knows the secret only he and Ruth should know. And even stranger, the snapshots have been mailed from different cities and on different dates, a clue the sender has followed their trail from New York City to Louisiana. Suddenly John and Ruths stable life is thrown into chaos as the sender begins taking diabolical delight in tormenting them. When a murder shocks them all, an entire community will be shaken with a truth hidden for twenty-six years.