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Worlds Dumbest Crooks Allan Zullo

Worlds Dumbest Crooks

Allan Zullo

ISBN : 9780439643573
96 pages
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 About the Book 

After reading Allan Zullos Bad Pets book, I decided to check out what other books he had. I found this one, got it from the library, and read it. I liked it. Some of stories were really fun and its hard to believe how stupid people can be. One of my favorite stories in this book was about 2 people who were bored one night, so they decided to drive around town. And they HAPPENED to have a quarter of a stick of dynamite in their car...(now who carries dynamite in their car!?!)...and they were wondering what would happen if they lit it and threw it out the window...duh, its going to blow up!... So, dumb as they were, they lit it and threw...but they forgot to roll down the window! The car blew up, but they survived with minor injuries.